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Bringing Cosmetic Wellness Home


In-Home Aesthetic Injection Service

Modwella offers mobile BOTOX® and JEUVEAU® injections.

It's our anti-wrinkle service so you can refresh and rejuvenate your skin without leaving home.

Have questions?

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Text or call to set up an appointment

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A skilled & certified injector will come to you


Consult with our aesthetic medical director


Cosmetic result are seen within 2 weeks

We come to you.

Are cosmetic injections right for you?

Have you ever wanted an anti-wrinkle treatment without having to leave your home? Modwella now offers a premier cosmetic injections-at-home treatment so you can refresh and rejuvenate your skin in the comfort of your home. 
We currently offer this service for those in Utah and Arizona. Our licensed nurses will provide what you need to feel your best on your own terms and make the process simple and comfortable. You’ll be walked through each step before, during, and after receiving your at-home BOTOX® or JEUVEAU® treatment. We also offer a variety of other injections and wellness treatments that will have you looking and feeling your best. Whichever way you need to achieve your most confident self, the power of BOTOX® and JEUVEAU® is right at your door.


A treatment your skin will love.

We are passionate about bringing people affordable and accessible health and wellness products and services

Meet our newest product...JEUVEAU®
Meet Modwella Jeuveau
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We come to you.

Areas we treat.

Elevens / Frown
Crows Feet
Brow Lift
Bunny Lines
Gummy Smile
Lip Flip
Pucker Lines
Cobblestone Chin
Facial Slimming
Downturned Mouth


What's included?

From start to finish, you’re in the best hands with Modwella. Not only will your cosmetic injections be administered by a registered nurse, you will receive a face-to-face visit with our aesthetic medical director. 


Cosmetic injections are only administered by certified registered nurses.


You'll receive a consult with our experienced aesthetic medical director.  


Cosmetic results can be seen within two weeks.


Group & Save

It's way more fun to "tox" together! 

Hosting a party? 


Host receives "tox" for $6/unit 


Parties of 5+ receive "tox" for $10/unit

We come to you.
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